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AGM 2020


Papers for the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 19th March 2020 are now available to view. This is so that United Church members can read them and be fully prepared before the meeting. In particular, the Annual Report draft will need to be checked before the meeting. Once the report has been formally accepted, it will be made public on the Annual Reports page.

Please note:

  1. The files below are password protected: if you missed the announcements at church, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.
  2. You may find that when the files are downloaded, they open at the last page: if this happens, please just scroll to the top of the file to start reading.

Please also remember the context for all Annual Reports: they are written to fulfil the requirements of the Charities Commission, and therefore contain formal descriptions of the work of the church, rather than user-friendly descriptions about what happens here!


AGM Agenda


AGM minutes April 2019


Annual Report 2019 for AGM


Church Accounts 2019 for AGM


Coffee & Bookshop Accounts 2019 for AGM