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Christian Aid Week 2021


Christian Aid Week 2021 will take place between 10th and 16th May.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved, despite the uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Christian Aid Week web site has a huge number of ideas, challenges and events, all of which will raise money for those who need it most. If this all feels too energetic, you can just visit the Donate page to contribute at the click of a button.

Alternatively, a series of events are being planned for Dorchester and the local area. These will depend on the continued easing of lockdown restrictions, but if all goes to plan, the events listed below should be going ahead - do check back on this page nearer the time to check the details as they are confirmed.




House to House Collections

It has been decided that, regrettably, house to house collections cannot go forward in any format.

This will of course place even greater emphasis on the importance of the envelope giving scheme through church collections, etc.


Postponed: Ecumenical Service

The current plan is for this year's service to be held at United Church Dorchester. Although the original intention was for the service to take place in May, it will now be held in the autumn on a date to be determined.



Friday 14 May: Street Collection

If it is possible for this to go ahead in South Street, Dorchester, volunteer collectors will be needed!


Saturday 15 MaySponsored walk to the River Jordan (in Preston, Weymouth!) 

Last year's walk was a highly successful and enjoyable event - let's hope we can repeat it this year.