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 The aim of the group is to share environmental issues from a Christian viewpoint.  How we can best understand, enjoy and care for God’s creation.

Creation Group

Meetings are held usually on the first Saturday morning on alternate months.


Over the last year the group has studied a range of topics including Energy, Soil, Air, Fire Farming, Bird’s of the Air and ‘Stewards of God’s Creation’.


The last session took ‘Future Environmental Issues’ as the topic, starting with a meditation and prayer ‘A creation morning’ by Eddie Askew and Jenny Hawke.  The group discussed the order in which we should put the top 10 environmental issues firstly dividing them into groups of causes and affected.  It was pointed out that once again population growth was not on the list.


The Bible study was Matthew 6 25-34 and questioned how we think about food and clothes and how the Christian view may be different from others.


A discussion followed the findings from a study about ‘What we treasure’, reflecting many themes covered by Jesus in Matthew 6.  The group then looked at recent environmental issues in the news including planting trees to stop flooding, ‘climate-smart’ farming, green spaces having a lasting positive effect on well-being and food security.


The session finished with another meditation and prayer by Jenny Hawke based on seeds growing.

The next meeting of the Green group will be on Saturday 5th  April 2014 at 10.30am which will be our annual ‘Walk in the Woods’ meeting at Thorncombe Woods Car Park. 

Note: The Creation Group is now part of the newly formed "The Green Group''. 




Walk in the Woods  The last session was our annual ‘Walk in the Woods’, where a small group met in the car park of Thorncombe Woods. We started by the trunk of a recently felled Oak and read Thomas Hardy’s poem ‘Throwing a Tree’......    Click here to view, download or print the report from last year's walk.

Previous Meeting Reports


Stewards of God's Creation  The session started with a prayer from Catholic Earthcare Australia. 


'God of the sun and the moon, Of the mountains and deserts and plains,

God of the mighty oceans, of rivers, lakes and streams,.......'    Click here to view, download or print the report.




Birds of the Air  The session started with a poem by Thomas Hardy entitled Blackbird and an extract from ‘Bird watching with your eyes closed’.....    Click here to view, download or print the report.



Farming  We first looked at various references to farming in the Bible and then looked at a farmer’s role in the 21st century.  The group discussed two current topics relating to the farming industry, those of Genetic Modification and T.B. in cattle and the proposed Badger cull and thought about our Christian response to these complex subjects.....    Click here to view, download or print the report.


fireFire  How do you think of fire?  Is it a good, creative force or is it destructive?

The group looked at how fire is used in our world. Fire is energy........    Click here to view, download or print the report.


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