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Solos Group

Organisers:  Angela Fisher (Contact number: 01305 267809) and David Steel (Contact number: 01305 266200) 


Contact Us link: Click here


Where: Members' homes/external venues/church


When: An afternoon or evening once a month (details usually also on Church notice board)


Who: Solos is a group of single friends, or those wishing to share without partners, who meet in a social environment. All Solos friends are supportive and new members are very welcome.


Cost: No cost to belong, but there may be a charge for individual events.


Solos is re-starting on Monday 29 November - see below for details

PROGRAMME FOR SOLOS GROUP 2021 (please contact Angela Fisher for more information)

Monday 29th November 

Quiz and discussion followed by refreshments (in the Church Coffee Lounge).