United Church Dorchester

Community & Outreach: Church Shop

The Church Shop offers an extensive range of Christian books, cards, CDs, Fairtrade foodstuffs and gifts from Christian charities. 
Many of the Fairtrade items we offer are unavailable at supermarkets, and we can take special orders from our customers.
The shop is staffed by volunteers and all profits go towards church funds and other charities.
Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, 10am - 12.30pm.  

We stock a wide selection of greetings cards (including designs by Hannah Dunnett), prayer cards, bookmarks and notelets. 

Cards for all occasions are available with or without a Bible text.

We have a good selection of Traidcraft foods and drinks, paper goods, cards and gifts.

You can read about our church Fair Trade policy and you can also access the Traidcraft catalogue.

As well as Bibles and commentaries, we stock a range of Christian books, gift books and childrens' books.

Special orders can be taken.

We stock ethically-sourced gifts from Christian charities, including ornaments, tea towels, purses, colourful paper serviettes, jewellery and candles.

Our CD collection includes music by Christian musicians and the Naxos range of Classical music. 

Hymn selections, brass band, jazz and relaxing listening CDs are also in stock.