United Church Dorchester

Worship and Faith: Developing our Faith

United Church Dorchester lives to celebrate together and share the love of God.

By seeking personal and spiritual growth for ourselves and encouraging others, we can develop our faith together.

We engage with various fellowship and prayer groups to make this happen. 

At UCD we have four homegroups that meet regularly and host around 40 people. Some know them better as housegroups or fellowship groups. John Wesley encouraged different kinds of small groups to develop and these early Methodist gatherings had a variety of names; ‘societies', ‘classes’ or ‘bands’.

The supportive small group has been found to be one of the most powerful ways for people to feel that they belong and to learn and grow in their Christian faith.

Here’s what our Minister, Rev. John Yarrien has to say:
“Many people ask me, ‘what is a home group, why would I want to go to one?’ and they are great questions. Essentially a Homegroup is a small group, of about 8 - 12 people, who meet in a home, each week or every 2 weeks or even monthly (depending on the group), to have fellowship together, to pray together, to study the Bible or to work through material that is suggested by the Minister or the Homegroup leader.  
Each home-group will have its own dynamics and way of journeying together, but research tells us that meeting in small groups provides an opportunity for every person to go deeper, to build stronger and lasting relationships with those they meet with and to develop their understanding of faith in life.  
I believe passionately that Homegroups form the lifeblood of any growing Church Community, and as a growing church, United Church Dorchester is seeking to intentionally grow its network of Homegroups.”  

If you would like to know more about Homegroups at UCD please get in touch with Michael Humphrey.

Green Group
The aim of the group is to share environmental issues from a Christian viewpoint - how we can best understand, enjoy and care for God’s creation. Meetings are held on an occasional basis.

We also have representatives on the Ecology Group of Churches Together, which meets three or four times a year.

If you are interested in Eco issues, you may want to explore the 'Creation Mondays' webinars currently being run by the Southampton Methodist District.