United Church Dorchester

Social Activities: Twinning

Dorchester’s twin town in Germany is Lübbecke, in Westphalia, in the area between Bielefeld and Minden. A twinning charter between the two towns was signed in 1973.

United Church Dorchester has twinned very successfully with St. Andreas Kirche in Lübbecke, and strong personal and organisational links remain.  

Establishing the partnership
The choir of St Andreas Kirche in Lübbecke serves both as a church choir and also as a choral society. We were soon involved providing for the church side of visits by the Kantorei who had come to Dorchester as guests of the Choral Society. They had brought their pastors and instruments ready for all occasions. 

By 1984 we had just begun a church brass, and it was right to have our own link and establish a partnership between the Lutheran churches in Lübbecke and the United Church.

Twinning exchanges
Regular exchanges have been organised in both directions, and our programmes are very various – church services, pulpit exchanges, concerts (brass and vocal), all age/family groups, school groups / youth activities, exhibitions, discussions, social work etc.

Above all, though we value the warmth of the hospitality given and received within the homes.